The S.T.O.R.M. Awards are celebrations designed to acknowledge the unsung students and educators in our schools.

We will invite and welcome schools throughout California to nominate students who have shown how to be “Respectful, Responsible, and Resilient” to attend one of our eleven prestigious red carpeted events. The events serve as a free and fun experience for all with the goal to inspire the continued support of the students both inside and outside the classroom by rewarding and encouraging their efforts.

Pictures from last year

Nomination 2019

James Lingo is a responsible and respectful young man. He comes to school prepared for class every day. He pays attention and participates in lessons, making the most of his time in class. He takes an active role in his learning, recognizing that he is accountable for his own success. He turns in quality work and turns it in on time. When working with a partner or group, James always does his share of the work and assists anyone who needs support. James is involved in several activities outside of school, yet he has figured out how to balance school andafter school responsibilities. As a result of his positive attitude and responsible behaviors, James is well-liked and respected by his classmates and his teachers.

Respectful –James L. Grade 4

Peter is one of the happiest and respectful people I know. He is always smiling and laughing at new jokes. He never gives up even though some things are hard for him. He is a friend to all and a joy to have on our campus *Peter has cerebral palsy and usesa walker and wheel chair. He communicates through a communication device.

Respectful -Peter P. Grade 6

Suelyn is a scholar athlete. She strives to do the best in everything she does. She makes good grades and has excellent conduct. A couple of months ago, she asked the administration if she could try out for the boys basketball team. She wanted more challenge so that she could become a better athlete. Suelyn made the team and is one of the best players!

Responsible -Suelyn S. Grade 6

A couple of years ago, Chris was diagnosed with cancer. He ended up losing one of his legs. He fought hard against cancer and won! Chris is an excellent athlete and never lets anything hold him back.

Resilient -Chris F. Grade 6

Jackson is an outstanding student. Not only are his academics excellent, he exhibits all the character traits of a Shining Star...Respectful, Responsible, and Perseveres. He is a leader in and out of the class. He is always willing to help a fellow student or friend in need. Jackson also is respectful towards his classmates, teachers, parents, and staff members. I appreciate that I can always count on him to do the “right” thing. Jackson is an example of a model citizen and student.

Responsible -Jackson L. Grade 2

Rihanna doesn’t let any circumstances that arise, stop her from learning or trying. She gets up in the morning and is at school on time, ready to learn. Although academics do not come easy for her, she never quits or gives up.

Resilient –Rihanna H. Grade 5

This award goes to Giannah Agar. I have had the pleasure of knowing Giannah through leadership the last two years and now in my classroom. Giannah is always looking for ways to improve even if it means fixing the problem she got wrong on a test. She is interested in why it was wrong and how to fix it with a big smile on her face. Giannah exemplifies responsibility. . Giannah has set a goal for herself to be an engineer when she grows up. As our class discussed their electives for junior high, Giannah stated she would choose woodworking since it will give her the skills to be a better engineer. I am confident in Giannah’s attitude and goals that she will obtain any greatness she aspires to.

Responsible –Giannah A. Grade 6

This award goes to Ini Effiong. She has the ability to strive for long term goals despite difficulty. Key ingredients are: passion, focus, discipline, determination and dealing with frustration. Resiliency is an admirable character trait especially when it is so easy to give up on difficult tasks. Ini shows all of these traits on a daily basis. Ini knows her job in the classroom is to focus on work and she is very determined to do so. I am confident she will be successful in any endeavor. Ini is a responsible role model for her friends. In all of her school work, she shows a deep caring of education.

Resilient –Ini E. Grade 6

Callie is model student. She comes to school prepared everyday and puts forth her best effort in all that she does. She takes her time, and asks appropriate questions. She is well liked by her peers, and always helps others. Callie is fair to all students, and helps to keep a calm and positive environment in and out of the classroom.

Respectful –Callie N. Grade 5

Dakota is reliable and responsible. She demonstrates these traits in her daily classwork and her diligence tostrive to be the best student she can be. She is also very resilient. This school year she came to our school as a new student. She quickly overcame being in an unfamiliar environment. She made friends immediately and became a leader in the class. She worked to become involved in on campus activities and even collaborated with a team to win the African American Bee at Raymond Case Elementary.

Responsible –Dakota T. Grade 4

Dulce is a student who inspires me to be my best every day. She goes above and beyond in her school work and pushes herself to be her absolute best. She is kind, outgoing, happy, and always willing to help anyone in need. Dulce always has a smile on her face and is eager to learn. She’s not afraid to ask for help or make a mistake. Dulcea true reflection of what it means to be respectful, responsible, and resilient.

Resilient –Dulce C. Grade 6

Emily shows respect to her classmates and all staff. She is kind to others, watches out for others, and follows directions when asked. She helps out where she sees a need and always uses a please or thank you. She encourages others and is a good listener as well. Emily is a leader when it comes to being respectful.

Respectful -Emily N. Grade 5

Per Ayana's Expanded Learning Teacher, Ms. Sandra "Ayana is the most responsible student I have in Gators XL. She comes to class prepared every day. She's ready to read, do her homework, and write in her journal (she even has her own topic, love that)! She also takes a classmate under her wing and makes sure that he gets his homework done." Ayana is a role model when it comes to being responsible.

Responsible –Ayanna D. Grade 3

Even though Andres has challenges that he faces and doesn't always understand them, he comes to school with a positive attitude and works hard. There are some days that are not so easy, and with some support from his Expanded Learning teachers, he pulls through to be the best he can be.

Resilient –Andres R. Grade 2

Elias is a quiet leader among his peers, always kind and respectful with other students and all adults. When we implemented Safety Patrol, Elias took the lead and monitored halls and dismissal areas with exceptional respect and outstanding citizenship.

Respectful -Elias S. Grade 5

Holly is an exceptionally responsible student both in the classroom and on the playground. She can always be depended on to follow through on all tasks given to her. In addition, she is a dedicated athlete who competed in our Runnin' for Rhett program, putting in effort and time to do her best both at practice and on the day of the run. She is consistently, day after day, a solid student and outstanding citizen!

Responsible –Holly B. Grade 4

Reese was diagnosed with leukemia when she was a first grader at Dillard. While fighting her illness, Reese demonstrated exceptional strength, a positive attitude, and sheer determination. She kept up her grades and came to school whenever her doctors allowed. When her health required her to stay home, she worked with a home hospital teacher to maintain excellent academic performance in all areas. Beyond her determination and commitment to her studies, Reese shone brightly with her sunny energy, never giving up, always smiling and living up to her motto, "Be Positive". With cancer behind her, resilience continues to exemplify the spirit this strong girl brings with her to school each and every day

Resilient -Reese B. Grade 4

Lelyanni is caring respectful: Even when she makes mistakes, she accepts responsibility for actions and use those mistakes to learn from them and help others become more responsible as well.

Respectful –Lelyanni A. Grade 1

Her name is Jamirra Newman-Hailey. From day 1 of kindergarten she has been respectful to everyone, teachers, guest teachers and all students. She has always been my number 1 helper and would never say no to anything you asked of her. Jamirra takes great pride in her classroom and school. If she sees a mess, she will ask for a bag so she can pick it up, if she sees a hurt friend, she will check on them and either bring them to me or ask me to get them a band aid or go check on them. Jamirra also never gets caught up in the kindergarten drama, she shakes off mean comments or unfriendly words or grumpy kinders and goes to play with someone else. She always says that she isn'tgoing to let their mood effect her. She "doesn't care what they say, but hopes they can get in a better mood and she will wait to play with them then". She also tries really hard in class and never gives up, even when it is a complicated new concept.

Responsible -Jamirra N Grade K

Chue is always on task and responsible. He is a great role model to other students in our classroom.

Respectful –Chue M. Grade 4

Peyton is always on task and responsible. She is a great role model to other students in our classroom.

Responsible -Peyton L. Grade 4

Kira is always on task and responsible. She is a great role model to other students in our classroom.

Resilient –Kira K. Grade 4

If you’re looking for one of the kindest and most sympathetic students look no further than Tony.

Respectful –Tony L. Grade 5

Always asking if there is anything she can do to help my day go a little bit easier.

Responsible -Kelly T. Grade 5

Never lets his struggles and pressure with homework get the best of him. A extremely hard worker withan admirable resilience to keep moving forward.

Resilient –Thai S. Grade 5

Liam is an outstanding individual. He is a perfect example of what we would like all students to be: respectful, helpful, kind. Liam is an all-around awesome young man!

Respectful-Liam M. Grade 6

Wil is an amazing example of an all-around awesome student! Wil is responsible, helpful and always willing to do the right thing in any situation.

Responsible –Liam M. Grade 6

Reiko is a stellar student that meets every challenge with apositive disposition and strive to always do her best in every situation.

Resilient –Reiko L. Grade 6

Sophia has always been an outstanding student. She is always looking out for others and kind to her teachers. She is a student we can all count on. Sophia also is on the volleyball team and is a true asset to her team by showing great sportsmanship.

Respectful –Sophia C. Grade 5

Hayden was elected as our student health consultant. He is responsible for keeping all 102 students honest by eating healthy inour extended learning program. He is a trusted member of student leadership and is always asking for more leadership roles and responsibilities.

Responsible –Hayden S. Grade 3

Dulce has had a complete turnaround with her grades and her attitude towards school. She is also on two school sports teams this year. She is a mentor to our younger students and has also excelled in the classroom. She has completely changed her reputation to a student that can completely be trusted on campus.

Resilient -Dulce C. Grade 6

Katherine is an extremely respectful student and is well respected by her peers. She is a leader in the classroom and with her after school activities.

Respectful -Katherine L. Grade 5

Justin manages to juggle multiple music groups learning 3 instruments. He also has kept his grades up to all A's and B's all year long with going to his music lessons. Justin is a leader in his class and in the extended day program.

Responsible –Justin N. Grade 5

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The S.T.O.R.M. Awards will attract over 7,000 honorary students, educators and their families in 11 events throughout the state of California from March-May 2020.

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